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Welcome to
International Publishing House!


       IPH is a meeting place of authors, translators, editors, publishers and literary agents from all over the world. Although the most part of the texts placed here is SF/Fantasy, we dont't have strict genre limitations. IPH is open for everybody who think that his works are worth to be read, translated and published. We place texts in ANY language!

       If you a reader, you may read stories and mail your reviews. If you an author, you may send your own stories, or look for translator or publisher. If you are a publisher, a magazine editor or an agent, here you can find new authors and new stories and novels. And ALL of you can place here an information about yourself.

       IPH is started and supported by Rede Global Paraliteraria (RGP) - international circle of people willing to break borders between authors and readers, to provide multilanguage exchange of texts, and to help people with the same goals to shake hands across oceans and continents. Together we can do more!

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