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Tartari, Ataide - Brazil


Short fiction

In Portuguese

*Craque na Familia* (Ace in the family)
Seu (Mr) Pacote struggles to make his teenage son a football ace like Ronaldo. But his neighbor's son uses a strange amulet that gives him supernatural talent. Pacote will do everything to get one for his son.

Published in the Football-in-SF short-story anthology "Outras Copas" (1998):

*Meio Que Abduzidos* (Kind of abduced)
Narrated in the first person by a teenage boy. Full of slang. The boy confesses that his abduction by a UFO was phony.

Published in Roberto Causo's UFO short stories anthology (1998):

*Uma Bem Quente* (A hot one)
Flecha is a single guy in S.Paulo. He lives alone and dates younger women. He notices that all of his dates have a similar belly-button. His last one reveals that they are always the same: a Succubus that changes his body and becomes younger to please him.

*Folha Imperial* (Imperial Press)
This is a Brazilian alternate history story. It is VERY Brazilian. Brazil was a monarchy until 1889, and in my story it still is. A reporter from the sensationalistic press follows the prince and discovers that he is secretly dating a teenage mulatto dancer.

*ANINHA*  ("Little Ana") This a Brazilian experiment with J.D. Salinger's prose style. It is not a SF story.  

In English
"Rough Amazon Riders"     (Prequel to novel Amazon)

"A Whiter Shade"   (Prequel to novel Tropical Shade)
A Hot One (English translation by the author)
In addition to these stories, he signed contract (1998) with magazine "Different Realities" to have some of his Brazilian stories translated by Joe F. Randolph.


Futuristic novel, written in Portuguese as a series of newspaper articles. Published in 1987, foresaw events like the collapse of the Soviet Union.

First version of HuROM written in Portuguese. 

HuROM (1992) - Synopsis
A far-future story. Astronauts return to Earth and find it without people and signs of civilization. They end up finding them in two conflicting artificial worlds: one for the flesh-and-blood people; the other for the "Human ROMs".

THE 21st CENTURY MAN (1993) - Synopsis
In five episodes, from 2003 to 2076, the story of M.Igor Slysh, richest man in the world. Based on J.Paul Getty's life.

Here you can read an extract from this novel (episode four).

GREEN DAYS (1994) - Synopsis
A 1984-like dystopian satire where the radical environmentalists rule the world.

Here you can read the first chapter of this novel.

"Amazon" 1997

Signed contract with Lee Shore Literary Agency of Pittsburgh (USA) to market this thriller novel .
After several agency-guided rewritings, Amazon is offered in 1998 to publishers and movie producers.

In the heart of the contemporary Brazilian rainforest, Dan Backwood has built a launch site for his revolutionary reusable rocket. As soon as he brings the rocket into it, he is beset by nationalist partisans led by his old schoolmate Keith Fernside, now an ecologist working in Brazil. While Keith, a revengeful man who blames Dan for his fall, keeps assailing him, Dan has to face the local military that plan to build a type of Maginot Line in the rainforest, launching a satellite with his vehicle. The United Nations intervenes, and Dan finds himself stuck between the Brazilian and the U.N. military commanders.

       However, there exists an early version of this novel, The Rainforestmen, not adapted to the U.S. writing rules. "To write The Rainforestmen was more enjoyable since I was free to write about my country, about the themes I had researched, the themes I had in my mind. I think both versions show the difference between the European and American approach to literature."

Here you can read the synopsis of this early version.

TROPICAL SHADE (1999) - Thriller novel about a Nazi doctor still living and experimenting in Brazil.
       Year 1985. The remains of Josef Mengele are found in Sao Paulo, Brazil. David Samen, a black "Falasha" Jew, arrives in Brazil and ends up finding another Nazi doctor who did whitening experiments with Falashas.

The more detailed  (Synopsis)  you could read here.

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