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Vickers, Alexander - UK

e-mail: al_vickers@yahoo.com

Vickers, Alexander

      After the college (a German College) I studded economics. I have experience in a multinational publishing company--Harlequin (the Toronto based romance publisher)--as consultant and managing director. Now I am a full time writer. I am 45 years old, married with two kids.

      An interview with Alexander Vickers.

      Currently I am working on THE GOLDEN STRING trilogy. Its first book, Province Five, is already translated into German for publication.

Book One: Province Five

      General summary: Distant future. An artist wishes to become conscious of life in its extreme form and takes part in a war. He is badly wounded, his brain is heavily impaired, too. After a long time of suffering he tries to commit suicide. The old doctor, who treated him during the war, visits him by accident and tells him about his hypothesis. The doctor supposes that there is a secret clinic somewhere, where gifted persons are turned into geniuses, and gives him some information how to find the clinic--maybe over there he could be cured of his brain trauma. The long dangerous travel to the clinic is indeed a travel into himself.

      It is a two-level novel. The surface level is dynamic, adventurous, and easy reading. At depth one can find philosophical meditation, questions about art and about the artist's fighting chance.

      Here you could read three chapters of Province Five.

      Book 2 and Book 3: That is how the great era of the strings and the matrices began, and how the beings in our Universe became immortal. At that time they only surmised what a difficult path lay ahead which they had to traverse.

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