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Altair Publishing Australia

Robert N Stephenson
Altair Publishing
PO Box 475 Blackwood
South Australia, Australia 5051
Fax. +61 8 8278 5585
Email: altair@senet.com.au

Here are the guideline for Altair magazine.

If your first language is not English we will help fix stories we consider suitable for Altair Magazine.


What we are looking for: Story length between 2000 and 10000 words The editors are not in the business of stifling talent or ideas so as a standard rule for us we will read anything that is of a speculative nature. Primarily Altair is looking for Science Fiction or Fantasy based fiction with a blending of the two being readily acceptable. Literary works will also be considered but please do not paint to many symbolic references as this can weaken what would essentially be a good story. Space Opera and Sword and Sorcery type stories will be read but they would need to be very well written to be considered. Altair would like to publish stories that are driven by the character/s and the story. High tech jargon and ancient rhetoric will not work for us. Think about your characters, consider the plot carefully and above all be sure it is a story you are sending us and not the shavings of a good idea. Good writing to you all.


Manuscripts are best viewed when double spaced on white or good recycled paper. (We also accept stories on the back of used paper, as long as the other text has been crossed through.) Please allow wide margins and use an easy to read font in size 12. On a cover page(front page) include story title, word count, your name, address, phone number and Email address if applicable. Include a disc with your story on it. (IBM formats only at this stage). If you wish for your story to be returned please include adequate return postage and the correct size envelope. International submissions please us International Reply Paid coupons (3-4 for standard story or US$5.00). All stories that do not have a reply paid envelope for return comments will be disposed of unread. This may sound harsh to you but to us if you do not believe enough in your story to want a reply then we cannot waste our time reading it. Those writers who regularly submit stories to publishers need only follow a standard submission format.


Altair pays for first Australian and Nth American serial rights with the copyright returning to the author on publication. ALL reprints will be re-negotiated with authors. Payment rate is 3 cents per word. Payment will be made on acceptance. (Please note that Altair only buys what it needs, there will be little or no store housing of stories) Minimum payment $30 maximum. $250.00

Response Time:

4-6 weeks. Please add 10 - 14 days for International postings. Thank you for considering Altair

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