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(Canada's Magazine of Traditional and High Fantasy)
Email: bn872@FreeNet.Carleton.CA

       We especially seek stories of action, adventure, magic and wizards set 500 years or more ago or in a world invented by the author with no higher a level of technology. These should be 3,500 words or less in length. We try to report within two weeks.

       Issues of the magazine containing stories of this nature nicely illustrated may be obtained for $4 each or $10 for a subscription of three issues (Canadian, if your mailing address is in Canada, US or US equivalent if your mailing address is outside Canada) or for news or a trade SF or Fantasy publication from your country. Cheques should be made out to Michael McKenny and sent to the editorial address below:

                         BARDIC RUNES
                         Michael McKenny, Editor
                         424 Cambridge St. S.
                         Ottawa, ON
                         CANADA K1S 4H5

       Our first issue was published on February 1, 1990. Our most recent issue, number 14, is available as of October 14, 1996. The magazine has published some of the only Russian fantasy of recent times available for the English reader. We are read on every Continent except Antarctica.

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