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Novikov Andrei

(Latvia) :  English to Russian, Russian to English

E-mail:  novanal@junik.lv

I live in Riga, the capital of Latvia, and I am a translator of fiction (mostly SF/Fantasy) from English to Russian, and sometimes from Russian to English for various publishers and magazines in Russia. My list of the most important translations include (the number in parentheses means the year of publication):


(the number in parentheses means the number of titles translated):
  • Isaac Asimov (5),
  • J.G.Ballard (5),
  • Gregory Benford,
  • Robert Bloch,
  • Ray Bradbury (2),
  • Nelson Bond,
  • Edward Briant,
  • Frederic Brown (3),
  • Jonathan Carrol,
  • Paul A.Carter,
  • Jack L.Chalker,
  • Bertram Chandler,
  • L.Sprague de Camp (3),
  • Arthur C. Clarke (18),
  • Miriam de Ford,
  • Charles de Vet,
  • Bradley Denton,
  • Paul Dellinger,
  • Gordon R.Dickson (7),
  • Steven Donaldson,
  • Frank O.Dodge (4),
  • Larry Eisenberg,
  • Philip Farmer (2),
  • Dashiel Hammet,
  • Harry Harrison (5),
  • Robert A. Heinlein (7),
  • James P.Hogan (2),
  • Peg Kerr,
  • John Kessel,
  • Henry Kuttner (2),
  • Richard Laymon,
  • Bob Leman,
  • Ursula K. Le Guin,
  • Kris Nevill,
  • Larry Niven,
  • G. Beam Piper,
  • Mike Resnik,
  • Mack Reynolds (2),
  • Uncle River,
  • Walt Richmond,
  • Robert Sheckley (22),
  • Robert Silverberg,
  • Clifford D. Simak,
  • Henry Slesar,
  • William Spenser,
  • Norman Spinrad (3),
  • Brian Stableford,
  • Braulio Tavares (2),
  • William Tenn (6),
  • Harry Turtledove (3),
  • John Varley (3),
  • Earl Vickers,
  • Kurt Vonnegut,
  • Andrew Weiner,
  • James White,
  • Kate Wilhelm,
  • Rober Young,
  • Roger Zelazny,
  • David Zindell.

This list is far from being complete...

       Any offers are welcome. If you have a story, novella or a novel in English, I am ready to read it, to evaluate its chances to be published on Russian market, and to try to submit it on synopsis level. Alas, so far all my six attempts to find a publisher for a novel have failed, but with stories this scheme works rather well. If the story is accepted, I make the actual translation.
       I don't charge author anything for translation, because a publisher pay me for it. However, please mind that I am NOT an agent, and I can't deal with legal matters of publication -- this is a question to be solved between your agent and a publisher.

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