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SF Babel

English, French, Portuguese

E-mail:  sfbabel@wegrokit.com

             Who we are:
                 SF Babel is an international partnership dedicated to
             producing quality translations.

             What we offer:
                 We specialize in translating science fiction, science,
             and technical articles, with areas of expertise in
             computing and medicine. With fiction, languages include
             English to Portuguese, Portuguese to English, Spanish to
             English, and French to English.

             Sample work:
                 SF Babel is responsible for translating Robert
             Heinlein's Starship Troopers into a Portuguese version.

             Contact information:
                 Please send your queries to sfbabel@wegrokit.com.

                L. Ager, for SF Babel

Home: http://iph.lib.ru/
Webmaster: Sergej Tarasov
Mail your questions to: Andrei Novikov