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Dodge, Frank O. - USA


       Joined the U.S. Navy 12, January 1942. By war's end, and discharge in 1946, had accumulated several rows of pretty ribbons, and a wife and two daughters.

       1951. Two sons added to the two daughters. Divorced, re-enlisted in the Navy. Korea, more pretty ribbons. Served two years during Viet Nam, but saw no action.

       1966. Retired from Navy. Returned to New Orleans where ex-wife and mob of offspring living. Went to work for Tulane University as Campus Police Officer.

       1972-1979. Wrote four sex-and-violence novels. One, THE WHOLE POINT OF REVENGE, handled by the Dominic Abel Agency in New York for about eighteen months in late seventies. No sale, but good comments from major publishing houses.

       1985. Fed up with forty years of uniforms, military haircuts, and carrying a gun, retired to the little town of Gonzales, Louisiana, U.S.A. between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, where a number of my grandchildren had settled. Have been playing Grandpa to five sets of married grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren.

       1988-to date. Wrote, and rewrote fantasy-adventure novel, THOR'S FIST.

       1991. Started writing short stories ... F/SF/S&S/Twilight Zone, some Horror.

       First story accepted in June of 1992 ... at age seventy! Since then, counting first printings, re-prints, Internet, and Audio, have placed over a hundred in magazines here in the States, and overseas.

       Am looking for an agent or publisher in any country.

That's about it.



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